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Discernment is the intentional practice of listening to God for decision-making, aligning life values with actions, and connecting with God. Becoming aware of oneself, of others, and of God opens up a deeper understanding of what it means to live into our created-in-God’s-image selves. The journey in recovering our true selves explores the movement of and resistance to the Holy Spirit’s work in our everyday world. Through this class, we will engage in community and with tools to provide a beginning foundation for life-giving discernment. 

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The Shape of a Life:
Seasoned in Grace

This course addresses the desire to live with grace in the reality of aging and is open to all ages and generations.  Each of us have a shape to our life that develops through choices, influence of others, circumstances, and everyday life experiences.  Reflection in the second half of life provides an opportunity to explore the shape of life in the past, present, and future.  Spanning the range of research, anecdotal discoveries, and spiritual practices, each session explores qualities in ourselves and our lives that reflect an awareness of God’s work in our lives.  Specifically, the question is asked “How does the contemplative life — one of prayer and encountering God — shape one for wisdom and resiliency in the second half of life?”  Facing the beauty and pain of getting older, the focus of letting go through ‘elegant kenosis’ invites us to consider the gift of God’s embrace in life.  Intending to nurture the contemplative life, this course reminds us to value noticing, pausing, listening, and responding. 

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Soul Tending   

In the midst of a busy world, how do we care for our souls that long to live into the way God created us?  What are the components to a strong soul that weathers the ups and downs of life?  Through honest reflection of self and engagement with God, we have an invitation from God to participate in the gift of grace through awareness, vulnerability, and responsiveness.  Rather than living a fragmented life, we have the opportunity to go live into wholeness through spiritual practices that lead to deep listening and noticing where God is at work. (see Selah Center for offering times)

Spiritual Practices of Aging 

How does the contemplative life–one of prayer and encountering God–shape one for wisdom and resiliency in the second half of life? Looking at wisdom and resiliency as markers for facing the beauty and pain of getting older, this course addresses aspects of aging that require an “elegant kenosis” – letting go in the midst of embracing the life that God has given. Learning through awareness of God, others, and self lays the foundation for the spiritual practices. (see Priory Spirituality Center for offering times)

Soul Care Groups 

Soul Care groups are designed to help people deepen their relationship with God. Through safe and sacred spaces, these groups attend to listening to where God is at work in their lives and the world. Unique in character, Soul Care groups focus on spiritual practices that cultivate an environment that addresses the longings of the heart, soul, and mind. For more information specific to Soul Care groups, contact Mary directly.